Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Letter dated 6 August 2013--power outages and transfers

Oi minha familia e meus amigos!

I hope that nobody had a heart attack about not getting a letter to read yesterday, but you have to understand that I am in a third-world country where the chances of the power going out  for most of the day is a very real possibility. So we are doing our internet time today. 
Planning by candlelight.....again!
Man it sounds like everyone is happy and good, making and eating pies (you don't know how many emails I got about pie this week) and by the way, Happy Belated Birthday Nathan! 
Okay, so yesterday was the start of the new transfer! I have survived a full 6 weeks here in Africa, can you believe it? But to my dismay, my companion, Elder McKissick, has been reassigned to serve in Praia and I will have a new companion later today. Since he left I have been with Elder Taulbee and Elder Fortes, the other Elders of our District and it has been a great learning experience to be with them. It is crazy though to think that I now have to take lead on  pretty much the teaching and planning for our area because I actually know the area. It's a little intimidating but tudo bem, or all is well. 
From left, Elder Dorff, Elder McKissick, Elder Taulbee and Elder Fortes
The language is coming  together which is comforting and we have found a lot of really prepared people to teach who have baptismal dates later this month. This month will be really crazy with a wedding and all those baptisms but it is always better to have things to do than having nothing to do. Specially here. 
Strong recent converts, Patrick and Edi
It has been humid here lately. Not a big fan. Reminds me a lot of Florida.  But I guess that is what you get during the "rainy season."
Oh, and just if you are curious, most people that live here do have TVs and couches and things like that. They don't have washers and dryers usually (we don't even have a dryer) and indoor plumbing, sometimes. But almost everyone has a cell phone and they are constantly using them like Americans. A few people have laptops and when someone uses one, like 20 people crowd around that person. Its pretty funny actually. A lot of people use Facebook and Youtube here too. Just something interesting about the people here.
Our chapel
Oh, and one last thing. There are so many people that are here for the summer from Boston and so we keep finding people that speak English. Although we haven't taught in English yet, it is really just a matter of time. It will be so weird teaching in English but it's true just the same. 
Well, I love you all and I hope that you are all doing well. Talk to you soon!

-Elder Dorff :)



  1. Hello, I am Elder McKissick's mom :) I randomly came across Elder Dorff's blog by accident! So glad I did :) I just want you to know that Tanner (Elder McKissick) loved working with Elder Dorff in his last email he told me, "I am so sad to leave Fogo I love the people in our little branch, but I know they are in good hands with Elder Dorff." Thank you for raising such a wonderful young man! This was Tanner's first experience training and Elder Dorff was perfect!!! Tanner said he has a wonderful attitude and that he is going to be an amazing missionary. So thank you :) Also just for the record Elder Dorff is a much better photographer than Tanner :) Much love and success as Elder Dorff continues his wonderful journey, Love Colett McKissick

    1. Well hello, Sister McKissick! So nice to hear from you. Brent has really enjoyed his time with your son as well. He said they got along great and he learned a lot from him. I'm sure Tanner's next assignment in Praia will be a completely different experience from Fogo but every bit as unique and special. Brent was really hoping he would stay on for those two upcoming weddings. He said he knew Tanner would hate to miss those but I'm guessing he would also feel more comfortable in planning those weddings with a more experienced Elder McKissick at his side!! Do you keep a blog for your son? If you do, what is the address for it? I know that Brent would enjoy reading about his experiences in Praia. Best wishes to Tanner in his new assignment and our best to your family.
      Lorinda & Ken Dorff

    2. Sister Dorff, I don't have a blog for Tanner :( I do have an email group that I send Tanner's emails to keep family and friends updated on his mission experiences. I would love to include you in this group. If you are interested just send me your email :) It's wonderful to meet you even in a blog kind of way :) I have grown attached to the people of Fogo so it will be fun to continue to hear of their progression through Elder Dorff's blog :) Elder Dorff will do a wonderful job as he continues the work on Fogo. Much love, Colett McKissick

    3. I'd love to be included! My email is: byumom8@gmail.com
      Thanks so much!

  2. Brent looks happy. I'd love to hear the Portuguese hymns in a chapel like that. The acoustics must be amazing.

    Brent's uncle ,Ted Dorff.