Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter dated 29 July 2013--- wedding planners and the making of a hurricane

Oi Familia e Amigos!

Hey everybody! It was another great week here in my desert paradise! So first off, let me just say that when there is a soccer game here, it is literally impossible to find anyone to teach and all the people on the streets are people from out of town. Because of that, it has been difficult to find people to teach but let me share a couple of experiences that we had.
We are going to have 2 weddings next month! We have two couples that are preparing for baptism and after talking about the power of marriage within a family they both committed to being married. I used the family photos that I have of everyone and their families and the people here just loved them. They especially liked the picture with Ben sticking his tongue out at the camera. They thought it was really funny. But I just wanted to let you know that the family is a real source of love and the Spirit. Heavenly Father gave us families so we can grow and learn what it means to feel loved. Evaly, Mark, and Cami, your families are great examples to the people here. They can see and feel the love that is in your families just through the photographs I have here. I am grateful for you all. Mom and Dad, I love you too. :) 
The weather has been really weird here lately and when we asked why, the members told us that a hurricane was forming around the islands. So, Florida and the rest of the Gulf, I am sending you a gift. Hopefully it doesn't do anything too bad. 
Whew...friends in Florida, this one doesn't look too bad!
Speaking of Florida, I think I know another reason why we went there: for power outage training. Our power goes out sooooo much which makes it really hard to teach at night but Elder McKissick and I have figured out a way to fix that problem. We now carry a candle and a box of matches with us at all times so we can be like, "Hi, can we talk to you about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ?" They make the excuse about not having light and we say, "We have a candle and matches. Where should we sit?" We also have to do our daily planning and journal writing by candlelight. It is so cool. I like it a lot. 
Well, transfers are starting so within this next week we will find out if Elder McKissick and I will remain companions or if one of us will be moved. I hope we both stay so we can enjoy the weddings. Oh, I forgot to mention that we have to plan the weddings and every aspect of them. Can I just say that I expected only to have to plan my own wedding in my lifetime. It didn't even occur to me that I would do that out here. 
It was great to hear from many people this past week. Im working on emails and letters right now; be patient if you sent me something and are waiting for a response. We all thought we would get letters at Zone Conference last week but... sadly no, so if you have sent me anything by mail or Dear Elder in the past 3 weeks, I havent gotten it yet. Evaly, I did get your Dear Elders though that was supposed to get to me before I left the MTC. They actually arrived in Cabo Verde before I did.
Well, love you all and I pray for your well being. Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf. Great to hear that I have both Placentia 1st and Carlsbad 3rd thinking about me too. Love you and will email back soon!

 Elder Dorff

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