Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter dated 8-12-13 A new companion and "disinfecting" eggs??

Oi minha familia e meus amigos,
Can you believe that one I have already been on my mission for 3 months (as of the 15th)? The time went by really fast.
Okay so things about this past week:
1- I got my new companion! His name is Elder Paredes and he is from Roy, Utah. He is only 2 transfers ahead of me and has served in Mindelo for the first part of his mission. He is a big sports player and he played soccer and football a lot before the mission. He isn't very tall and a lot of people point out the height difference between us. It's pretty funny actually. He loves speaking the Creole to me and to others which is a little difficult since I can't really understand him when he does that. But all and all, he is a great missionary.

2- We decided to re-open our efforts in Feijoal, you know the city in the mountains, and although we haven't found many new people to teach, we did find and will find many less actives. We hope to bring many more back to Church within time. Because of it being the rainy season, it is super green up there. It's really pretty. 
A recent convert with Elder Paredes
3- They have  Pokémon cards here! Can you believe that? And they are in English which is the part that I find really  strange. You can only  buy them in Mindelo which is on the island of San Vicente. 
4- So, although I am not all that experienced at cooking, I did manage to make a really good cake  (from a cake mix which I know is really hard to mess up but when you have to disinfect eggs and your water is turned off most of the time and its a Sunday, you have added difficulty). I realize that you take that kind of stuff for granted when you have it at home. Besides that, nothing very exciting has happened. Teaching lessons, doing service, hiking mountains is what we are doing.
Great to hear about how David is doing and how his talk was. David, hopefully when you get there in Virginia you will meet Sister Montgomery or Elder Dayton. They were both in my BYU ward and are eagerly waiting for your arrival! Mom, thanks for all the ward mission call updates. I am so excited for all you people in Placentia and in Brea! Also, thanks for thinking about forwarding me Elder McKissick's emails. I really do miss that missionary. 
Elder Bowen reports Wednesday!
So Dad to answer your question , when there is a tropical storm forming around here it is windy like crazy, the ocean is super rough, the clouds move really quickly, and usually someone that we know tells us a tropical storm is forming. I don't recall being affected by the Saharan Dust but who knows. 
Well, another great week in paradise is over and new one has just began. I love it here. Thank you so much for prayers and love from home and I love you all too! Peace out! And for all those friends going into the MTC, get ready for one of the most exciting experiences of your life!

 -Elder Dorff

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