Thursday, August 8, 2013

Surprise Mid-Week Email! 8 Agosto 2013

I know, I know, you don't want to hear from me again but I just wanted to shoot you a really quick email. Elder Paredes, who is from Roy, Utah (totally won the bet that my first 3 companions would all be from Utah), didn't get to do internet these past few days. So because of that, I also get more internet time. It was nice to get a little caught up on emails. And will tell you more about my new companion in my next official weekly email.
Also, I got my letters!! Dad (yep mail works), Grandpa, Lauren B., Hathaway Family, Karen N. and Carlsbad 3rd (sorry I forgot the name on the letter but I still liked it a lot) thanks for the letters. If I didn't list your name, I haven't gotten your letter, yet but I will eventually. Dad, those pictures that you sent were great. I especially like the one of my friends. I should have thought about bringing a picture of them but it slipped my mind. Mom, I look forward to that package with more pictures :) Grandpa, you always send the perfect comic with your letters. They always bring me a smile. Also thanks for the updates on the extended family! Lauren, Cabo Verde is great. I am really loving it. I can't believe that you are living in Building 29. That is so weird. You will have to email me a picture of the completed exterior of the buildings. Are the two by the Creamery done too? Hathaways, I loved Camp Whitsett and I bet that Phil liked it a lot too. I learned how to make lanyards there for the Leatherwork Merit Badge and I made like 30 of them. If you don't believe me ask the guys in the ward. Speaking of which, tell the ward I say hi! Carlsbad 3rd, although I have literally never met any of you, thanks for your love and take care of my parents for me! 
Well, love you all and I will talk to you soon! The work is great, my companion is great and I am LOVING it all! 

Elder Dorff :)

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