Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letter dated 26 August 2013---Fishers of men and fishing

Oi Familia e Amigos!

Okay, so first off can I just say, George, I can't believe that your mission is over! I bet that your homecoming talk was nothing short of inspirational. Wish I could have been there for it but I guess we will be waiting a little bit longer before we can hang out again. Anyway, congrats. You served  your mission for the Lord faithfully, something that I am trying to do now.
Things here have been a little rough lately with the missionary work but things are getting better. These next few weeks we should have 3-4 baptisms and we should be working out government related marriage problems, or at least on their way to being resolved. 
Elder Dorff and companion, Elder Paredes
So I had a couple of, "Just in Africa" moments here this past week. First, Elder Paredes and I went and worked in the Campos. That means we dug in the ground after the rain (we have had a lot of rain lately), planted seeds, and then covered them up. That sounds easy right? Well, remember that we are on a volcano and not all the campos are flat. Super rocky and mountainous. It was sweaty work but it was fun.
Elder Dorff and Edy

 We helped out a member and then he repaid us the favor by taking us fishing today (p-day). Now before, in the states, when I went fishing we could buy bait, fish with a rod, and usually had a calm lake to fish in. Well, here we had to hunt down our bait (man, those little black crabs, like at Dana Point, are really fast), didn't have a rod (but rather just a piece of iron for a sinker, hook and fishing line attached to a Coke bottle) and fished in the ocean (which is incredibly difficult without a pier but possible). Elder Paredes and I caught nothing but, Edy, our member friend, caught a fish bigger than both our heads. It was fun. 
Mom, it sounds like you are having fun with school again. If I miss anything a lot, it would probably be, well family, of course, but also BYU. I was sitting here thinking, "I think that BYU started school today if not last week..." I miss school but I'm good. I am glad that I still have more of it to do after the mission.

Well, love you all and take care. Email/DearElder/Mail me if you want me to know about your life! I know you might not think I care but I want to know about stuff in your lives! All you peoples!

Elder Dorff

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  1. Fishing in Africa sounded a little more extreme, but also seemed more fun and enjoyable, don't you agree? Well, it's great to hear that you're having fun while on your mission. This might just be one of the many things to tell once you come back home --- a story worth sharing, so thank you for doing so!
    Bernita @ Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charters