Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter dated 7 April 2014--Chef Dorff and General Conference

Olá família e amigos!

Can you believe it is April? It feels like just yesterday that I was taking finals at BYU for that Organic Chemistry class that I just loved so much... but who knew that the year would pass so quickly? 
This last week was pretty calm in the life of a missionary. I think that the most exciting part was probably all the stuff we did to help Elder Gonçalves get ready for his departure to Brazil this week. We literally ran all around Praia to pick up things sent by his parents. We went to Achada Grande twice because he needed something there. The people there were so excited to see me and they asked, "Are you coming back to Achada Grande Frente again?"  But yeah, Elder Goncalves leaves on Wednesday night and I am getting a new companion Wednesday morning who will finish out the transfer with me (which ends this Sunday so we won't be together for too long). So we will be a trio for like a couple of hours. 
So, look what I made! In the photo, this is me with my baked spaghetti, sausage, egg, veggie, and soon to be topped with ketchup and mayo. It's actually pretty good, but there's a ton of oil in it. And yes, I made it alone. Fun experiences on the mission.
My Cape Verdeano dish
That's fun that Dad was able to go up to Utah and it's exciting that Josh is geting all aready for his big wedding day. Sounds like everyone had a pretty exciting week. I figure that next week I will have more to say.
 Oh I forgot, the couple that got married this last week in Achada Grande Frente, came back form the Canaries and were baptized this last weekend during the break of the Saturday sessions of Conference. Speaking of Conference,  I saw Conference at the same exact time as you people (okay not the Priesthood but all the other ones live). They broadcast it live online and they have people translating it live too so we here in Africa were listening to it in Portuguese, just seconds after you heard it in English! There were a lot of talks on the Plan of Salvation and more specifically the Atonement. I think I counted like 3 Apostle talks on that topic. It was great and the main thing I got from it was that I want my investigators to have a better and real relationship with Christ. A lot of people say, "Yeah, I know that Christ is my Savior." or "He came to save us." But in reality, he came and did so much more. He really knows who we are, all of our strengths, and more important, our weaknesses and he suffered for us all so that we can change all of our weaknesses into strengths. We can have real happiness in this life because of everything he did for us! This is why we pray, read in the scriptures and partake of the sacrament! We want happiness in our lives and these things bring us closer to Christ and God, bringing us true joy. I liked Conference a lot and I'm bummed that I have to wait  another 6 months to hear them speak again... Oh well, it will be a good time to apply what was taught.
The Young Men of Achada Grande Frente at the Priesthood session
Well, I love you all and I hope that you have a good week. This week will be interesting with Zone Conference, my first companion switch, a wedding, potential baptism and then transfers. Just a sneak peak of what is my day to day life is. I love it so much! Well, talk to you later, and no Mom the package still hasn't arrived! 

My little lizard friend in the shower

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