Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letter dated 13 April 2014--An unexpected assignment

Oh freak... this week was... insane... unpredictable... and well, just not normal whatsoever. I have a lot to tell you and not too much time to tell it all.

So first of all, Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was super good and everyone that prepared and gave training did great. President Oliveira gave a great talk on the Sacrament and how it is because of the Sacrament that we have the commandment Day of the Lord. Mom, you might remember how I always said at home how Sunday always seemed like the busiest day of the week and not the "day of rest" that I was always hoping and expecting? Well, President said that too. He said, "Sunday isn't the day when we sleep, it is the day to save lives." It was powerful. 
Wednesday, was Elder Gonçalves' first transfer day, as he left that night for Brazil. Everyone seemed really sad to see him go. I was sad too. I really enjoyed serving with Elder Gonçalves. Before he left, my new companion, Elder Miranda arrived. He is from Praia so everywhere we went he knew somebody. 
Thursday was the day of the wedding of E and S! They were an hour and an half late but it was still a beautiful wedding and the cake was awesome. They had a "party" in their house and it was just funny to see S in her wedding dress serving fish and chicken. 
Saturday, we had our District Meeting and then enjoyed our zone lunch at our classic restaurant. Afterward, we came back home and relaxed for like 10 minutes and then left once again to go to the baptism, which also started an hour and half late. But S, and her son Junior were baptized and now we have another strong family in the Church.
Sunday, transfers. I want you to think about all the options that could have happened before you continue to read. Okay, ready? So pick the least expected. The one that I said had about . 01% chance of happening. Yep, I got transferred and you'll never guess where. Let's just say that I am typing on the computer in the mission office where I will be managing mission housing and health insurance from Tuesday to Friday, almost the whole working day! I'm sure I'll learn a lot but it doesn't feel like being a missionary.  I am serving with Elder Godfrey and it will be a change having a companion that speaks English as his first language. Next week I will talk to you about the new area, what my life's like and everything else.
This transfer I turn 20, it is Mother's Day (which means Skype phone call!), and it is my halfway mark in the mission. That's super weird. I love you all lots and talk to you later.

Elder Dorff

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