Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter dated 31 March 2014---Another wedding and another great week!

Olá Família e Amigos, and welcome new little niece into this world!

Needless to say that the baby's arrival was the thing I was most excited to hear about! I am super glad to hear that everyone is well and that the newest addition to the Dorff family is a perfect fit! I can't wait to meet her (only a little while to go!) Also, when the name is decided, I can't wait to hear. Also for that same family, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! I know that I am a little far and you probably don't remember much about me but whatever. Love you nevertheless!
This week was a great week for us here in Achada São Filipe. Elder Gonçalves (although he isn't an officially assigned missionary yet) is doing great and is teaching people like someone who has been here longer than 2 weeks. We have received word this week that his visa has been approved and that he will be leaving for Brazil on April 10th. Looks like I will have one more companion for those few days before transfers. I am really sad that he won't be finishing out the transfer with me but I know that the people in Salvador Brazil need him.
We had the opportunity to go to another wedding this week, for a couple of people I had taught in Achada Grande. Their names are Z and L. The missionaries before Elder Conduanhe and I started the marriage process with them and the missionaries after us got to enjoy the wedding planning. They had a "party" after the wedding, which was the closest thing to a family wedding reception that I will probably be getting here. They had cake, little desserts, a lunch of rice, beans, and other Cape Verdean staples and they went on a honeymoon. It is actually because they went on a honeymoon that they weren't there to enjoy the party. They went to the Canary Islands and will return later this week so that they can be baptized!
No'll never guess who caught the bouquet...Elder
Speaking of baptisms, we had our first 2 here in São Filipe! Milena and her son Joel were baptized by Milena's younger brother. It was kind of interesting because the chapel here in São Filipe was out of water (yeah..classic Cape Verde problem) so we rented a hiace which brought all 12 of us to the baptism in Achada Santo Antionio. But we didn't make it in time to do it with everyone else so we waited until the other baptism ended so that we could do our little baptism. It was small, and basically the only people at the baptism was her family and 2 friends but it was still awesome and they both left the water with the biggest smiles ever. It made all the struggles worth it!
Milena and Joel's baptism
This last week we worked a ton. We found 15 new investigators so now we need to help them prepare to accept baptismal dates and then help them prepare for those dates. They are super cool and many of them have sincere desires to learn about the Gospel.
Wow, that is super cool that another Elder from Carlsbad is coming here. Hey, Elder Willes, this mission is great! You're going to love it and don't worry about learning Creole. It seems to come naturally. See you in September!
Well, I will be signing off now. I love you all and I hope that this is a good week. It's getting hot here and I think it might just be the fact that we are closer to the Equator. I am sort of missing rain and snow right which is rather funny because my friends in other missions are saying that they have way too much of that right now! Love you lots! (April Fools!)

Elder Dorff (but seriously, love you!)

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