Sunday, March 2, 2014

Letter dated 24 February 2014--Obstacles Overcome

Olá todo mundo!

So this week was a good week for Achada Grande although it definitely presented some interesting problems. 
First things first, we had a baptism! But in preparation to go to the baptism, like everything that could have gone wrong... went wrong. We went to her house (her name is Telma) at 3 in the afternoon. She wasn't at home like she said she would be so we started searching for her. The baptism in Praia always starts at 4 so we were kind of freaking out. We went to the other side of the city where we found her friend and her friend told us that she went to another city a good 30 minute walk away. We were trying to figure out what happened and we went back to her house and waited until she got there at 3:50. We then got her ready to leave and waited for a taxi to the baptism. Well, because of a local marriage, all the taxis were being used so we waited by the road for 20 minutes for other taxis. Then we got to the baptism and the clothes that we had arranged for were too small for her so we had to wait and use a pair that someone was already wearing. It was super stressful, but in the end she was baptized and that's all that matters. Afterwards, she said that she was just super grateful for the opportunity and she wanted to be baptized again!
The one next to me is Telma. The other girl was Elder Jarvis' baptism and Ima baptized both of them
We almost had another baptism but the story doesn't make all that much sense, even to the person who experienced it. So what happened is that a person from Portugal, of Cape Verdean descent, came to our ward and said that he wanted to be baptized. He had been to Church a lot, had a testimony of everything and so we tried to prep him. Well, the night of his interview he said he didn't want to be baptized. We were confused because he was so adament that he wasn't going to be baptized. We then talked to the Bishop and found out that he literally has a medical problem where he forgets his desires and other random things. So, I guess that explains a lot.  We have been trying to find new people to teach because we don't really want to focus our time and efforts on trying to change things we can't control. 
Weather has been pretty nice. People are still wearing sweaters and binis and I am still rocking the short-sleeve white shirts. It has been really sunny which means that my tan is getting really nice too. One day I will have to send a picture of that. 
Sounds like everyone is doing good. Christy, I am working with a couple on getting married and she is due on the 14th of March too! They have no idea if they are having a boy or a girl and they are excited. 
Well that's all I've got for this week. I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week! (Can you believe it February is already almost over!)

Elder Dorff :)

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