Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letter dated 9 December 2013--Power of prayer and home for the holidays in Cape Verde

Olá todo mundo,
Well, it was a wonderful week here in Cabo Verde. First of all, let me say to you all that I loved the recordings! Mom, I got the recordings you sent over email and they made me so happy. It was great to hear everyone's voice and it is time that I answer a few questions. Aunt Sandi, thanks for sending the letter but to tell you the truth I never got it! Hence why I never said anything. I heard that this has happened before. I don't know if Grandpa has been sending letters these past few months but if so I just barely got one of his letters and it is dated for the month of October. I don't know if he has a sent any others but tell him thanks for the picture of him and Grandma! Josh, it took me a second to realize what OChem2 meant. I am looking forward to having to work on that stuff again. Fun fact, the 500 escudo bill has NH3 on it (like a picture of the chemical structure). Super random I know. Jenessa, I am super excited for you and I hope that I make the invite list. I will do my best to attend but I might be a little occupied "at the beach." I am sure that dinner was wonderful (since everyone made a comment about how great the rolls were, just as I was expecting and wanting to hear). I loved the beautiful rendition of Silent Night. I've decided I want to try and get that on our phone so I can make it my ringtone :) But seriously, it was great to hear from everyone and I hope that I will hear more of that kind of stuff. Thanks also for all the updates and photos from the Hansons, Dorffs and Wyatts. You really don't know how happy it makes me to see you all (well, I think that Nathan, Mark, and Adam understand). Everyone is looking so much older and it is so weird to think that there is that much snow in Utah right now. Granted, I remember this time of year being like that so it's not all that strange (but it's in the 80's here). 
So okay, I guess I will talk a little about the mission. Really everything here is great. Transfers were today and I am staying with Elder Conduanhe for the next 6 weeks. It should be really fun. He is super quiet and so we are working on communication but everything is great. I absolutely love it. Right now we are working on our list of people we are working with. We have many people that like to talk about God but don't want to do anything that will bring them closer to him (like pray, read the scriptures, go to church, etc.) I think that is something the Bible explains really well, "Faith without works is dead." It really is true. We do though, have many great investigators. One of them is super awesome. His name is Adil (when he first said his name I thought he said Adele and I got super excited). He is a friend of Cristiano, one of the two people we baptized last week, and it is because of Cristiano he doing so good. We taught him about Joseph Smith and gave him an invitation to ask God if it was true. Cristiano then bore a super powerful testimony about the importance of praying with faith to really know the truth and I think that helped a lot because the next time we talked with Adil, he was completely different and he told us that he knew without a doubt the Church is true and that he wants to baptized immediately (and he has never been to Church). His baptism is in the plans. But seriously, it is just a testimony builder to me that the example of the members help make miracles happen. Like Preach My Gospel says, no effort with missionary work is ever a waste of time. 
Well, I love you all and I hope that everything is getting prepped for the holidays. Thanks to members we have some Church Christmas Music and one of the songs on there was "Home for the Holidays." I thought for sure I would feel super sad and trunky after hearing it but honestly it just made me happy. I have nothing to be sad about because I am home for the holidays; its just with a different family. And I am excited to talk to you all in 16 days (thats in 2 more emails :) ). Most definitely will be over Skype, Dad.

                                                                  Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men,
                                                                    Gospel for All who will lend an Ear.

Elder Dorff :) 

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