Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter dated 31 December 2013--Christmas!

Oi Família e Amigos!
Who's ready for 2014? Well, I know that every person in Cabo Verde has a plan to party all day of the last and the first day of the new year! There goes any teaching but hopefully we can still go out and talk to people. Maybe go visit some of the members on this special day.
So, this last week was crazy with everything. First off, on Monday, we had our Branch Christmas Party and it was so much fun. It started off with a nice spiritual thought by the Branch Mission Leader (who is a returned missionary) and then a gift exchange. They did the exchange by everyone putting in their name and then took out a name and bought a present for that person. I had the Primary President and I decided since they don't get too into the celebration of Christmas beyond lunch with the family, I got her some bright red and green nail polish. Well, after the spiritual thought, we had to give hints as to who our person was and then everyone guessed. Of course, the very first person to do this had my name so I went up and got my gift. Wow, it was nice. It was a really nice purple tie, with a matching pocket insert and cufflinks. Don't know that I can wear that during the mission but there are always events after the mission. After the gift exchange, we ate so much food. It was great!
Christmas party with the Branch
Christmas Eve was fun too. We couldn't really teach people because everyone was out partying, but we did go out and carol and bring a little Spirit of Natal with us. We went to our recent converts and to our investigators and it was so great. One lady was like, "Can you come with me to these friends and sing to them too?" We were like, "Of course!" It was a lot of fun and we found a lot of new people to talk to.

Christmas Day. Well, I think everyone know what was the highlight of that day. It was a lot of fun talking to everyone at home and hearing how everyone is doing in their own voices. It was great and I am looking forward to Mother's Day!
When we asked Brent what he would be eating on Christmas Day he hesitated and then said, "Fancy rice and beans!" And here it is, Christmas Dinner!
The wonderful family who had the missionaries over for Christmas dinner; Jo, Andre and their Mom

 The rest of the week was spent recovering from the joy of Christmas Day and ended with a great day at Church. A lot of things are happening here in Achada Grande, both in the world and with the work. People everywhere are preparing for the new year and because of that many people don't really want to talk to us but the people who are truly ready and are dedicated are showing that dedication by marking appointments with us. I'm excited for everything this next week.

Sunset in Cape Verde
Sounds like Jenessa's Wedding was awesome and made this Christmas a little bit more special for the family. Congrats Jenessa and Parker! Well, I love you all. Talk to you soon and have a Happy New Year!

Elder Dorff


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