Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Letter dated 24 December 2013---FELIZ NATAL!

FELIZ NATAL para minha família e amigos!

How is everyone doing? Everyone is super excited for Christmas because I know that the about 120 missionaries here in Cabo Verde are so excited. Everyone is freaking out about how they are going to talk to their families. I am happy for my opportunity to talk to my family (okay, lets be honest, I am really excited for the day). If you knew me before my mission, you would know that my favorite part about Christmas was the fact that the family can be together. So, Wednesday will be a great day. But for all of you going to Knott's tomorrow, I better see some Bigfoot Rapids pictures from you (specifically on the ride getting soaked). 
So, this last week was a good week. A lot of Elders have been sick and because of that we did a lot of divisions and not every area saw much work. We had a good week and thankfully neither Elder Conduanhe or I have been hit by this cold/flu thing (knock on wood). I don't have all that much news about this week, just that we are working hard and trying to be excited about Christmas but also still thinking about the work. It's really not hard to think of all the things that I would do for Christmas. Dad, that photo of the Christmas tree... Made me so happy. My little one is awesome (and its even better now that I bought $2 lights) but there is nothing classic like our one with my Pikachu ornament.
Well, I figure since it is Christmas, I should say a little about what it is like here. Everyone has told me that this entire week will be impossible to teach because of parties, drinking and everything going on though the missionaries say that I will still be working this week. Why, you might ask? Because it is the time for Christ (well, in reality everyday is a day for Christ). He was willing to submit to the will of the Father and was sent to here to fulfill a great mission. It wasn't an easy one. It was one that he prepared for many years before he began. It was one of love, sacrifices, and everything he did was for others. He did all this to save the lives of all God's children. In one way, full time missions are similiar but on a much smaller scale. We don't go through the pain and suffering that he went through for each of us, but the principle is similar. We give part of lives to serve the Lord, to help others learn about the Gospel. We knowingly, or unknowingly, prepared for this our whole young lives and now we are all over the world talking to people about the mission of the Savior. I love it. It is such a great opportunity to serve. I know that Jesus Christ was and is our Savior. He knows about each one of us and he wants to help us everyday. We've just got to open up a little bit to His help and seriously, everything will be better. Remember, there will be times when we feel like we have nothing and have no one but remember that is a lie. We always have a helping hand in Him. 
Well, I think I will end there. Talk to you all soon! 

Elder Dorff :)

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