Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving and keeping busy and...oh, wait, is this week Thanksgiving??

Oi Família e Amigos!
How is life for everyone this week? So, first of all, I don't know when Thanksgiving this year. Was it last week or this coming? They obviously don't celebrate that holiday here so it is hard for me to remember. Either way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I have a lot to be grateful for but first let me talk about the week.
This week was a great week! We are seeing a lot of really prepared people come our way and they are preparing to be baptized during these next few weeks. This last week was also interviews with President Oliveira and those were great! I can see why everyone told me that while your on your mission, you come to love your mission president and his wife a lot. It is so true. He was able to give me a lot of advice and instruction on how I can be a better trainer for Elder Conduanhe (who is doing great) and also just a better missionary for Achada Grande. Because I have only 6 months in the mission, I still feel like I have a lot to learn.
Other interesting things that happened this week is that I received a phone call today saying that Elder Conduanhe and I have to move houses this week because our contract is going to expire soon. This means that with all the other things that we have to do this week (which was going to be an abnormally really busy week) just got even more busy. It's kind of funny though. Like I said in one of my emails, everyone in the family has been moving. Guess it is my turn.
So, things are good with me and Elder Conduanhe. Every day he is getting better and a little more independent. This week is going to fun for us because we are going to try and find new many people this week (by using divisions with members) and then just determine who are really ready to hear this Gospel. Like I said, we'll be busy. Also, I am getting better at being able to understand him and I think that he is getting better understanding my Portuguese (or I actually hope my Portuguese is improving). That helps out a companionship a lot.
Well, like I said, I have a lot to be grateful for. I am grateful for my family for one. I have a wonderful mom, dad, sister, brother, sister, their spouses, and all those nieces and nephews who I know are constantly praying for me. I am grateful for the friends I've got there at home in Placentia, BYU and all over the world (those friends serving missions too). I'm grateful for the experiences I had with band in middle and high school and college (for all those who did the Rose Parade in 2010, I heard "Seize the Day" and it reminded me of those 7 miles). I am grateful for great school teachers and church leaders and teachers. I am grateful for my opportunity to serve and everything that comes with it (the people, my comps, my strange meals, my watch tan, etc.) I am so grateful, most of all, for my Savior and His sacrifice for the whole world so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. Thanks for everything!
A glimpse of Praia
Well, I am going to conclude here but I love you all! Family of mine, if you want, you can send some of those Lion House Rolls (or you can be evil and take a picture of you all enjoying them :) ). Talk to you all later!

Elder Dorff

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe Elder Dorff has been out for 6 months!!! It just seems like yesterday that he arrived in Fogo :) He sounds wonderful and is such an amazing missionary so grateful he and Elder McKissick were able to be companions!!! I still LOVE his pictures they are the best :) I hope the Dorff family has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Love, Colett McKissick