Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter dated 11 November 2013--Member missionaries and fishy tales

Oi Família e Amigos,
Photo of all the Elders in our District (Me, Elders Conduanhe, Stevens, Evans, Gooch, Jarvis, Darling, and Acord)

Well this was another great, but tiring, week in Cabo Verde.  I am beginning to see so many differences here in Praia that I am starting to believe that I have restarted my mission. Like I have to teach different, talk to people different, act different, and just everything is more city but also at the same time more African. It has certainly been interesting.
So this past week I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of the members here in Achada Grande and although there aren't many, they are so strong and they are willing to help the missionaries teach. That is one of the biggest adjustments in the work is that I need to learn how to use members to help us. But I can testify to the fact that missionary work is much more effective when members are involved. One thing that members worry about  when it comes to missionary work is that they fear that the people they refer won't accept the invite to listen to the missionaries. But here is the thing, if someone really feels like someone else needs to hear from the missionaries, there really is no harm in referring someone. The person still has their agency to tell the missionaries that they aren't interested and everything returns to normal. Gordon B. Hinckley said something to the fact that many people think that missionary work is just knocking on doors, but that is not true. A better way is through members. I think that is one of the lessons I need to learn here in Praia, to rely on the members. 
Photo of Manuels Baptism (Domingos baptized him)
So I've got great news for the future! We will have a wedding in December! I am really excited for them. Their names are Ziko and Lé. They have done all the paperwork and only need to mark an actual date. More talk about that in the near future.
Sounds like everyone at home is going good. Lot's of people seem to be moving around into new houses. I think that Cami and Adam are the only ones that need to move for everyone in the family to have moved within the past year.  That's a pretty good record. Great to see the pictures of the whole family and congrats to Oki and Cassie. It is amazing how fast the family is growing. 
Oh I forgot to mention that this last week we woke up to a marching band playing. I heard clarinets, trumpets, everything. It was a nice surprise and I still don't know why I heard it but it was awesome. Reminded me of something I am excited to do when I get back. 
Because I know many of you were worried when I got called to Africa because of the fact that I was a picky eater (when I was like 9,) this is for you! We went to a restaurant today and the lady asked if I wanted fish and I said yes. I don't know why but I thought it would be like the fish that is deboned and everything. Nope, I got an entire fish on my plate and the only thing missing was the eye (thank goodness that wasn't there). Well, just so you know, I ate the whole thing (and some of the bones on accident) and it was super good. I don't think that I am a picky eater anymore.
Photo of the port from our area
 Well, love you all and it was great to hear about all your adventures!
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Elder Dorff :)

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