Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter dated 9 Oct. 2013---A zebra shirt and Stacy's baptism

Oi Família e Amigos,
I am not dead so you can stop thinking that. So my excuses for not writing on Monday and Tuesday and almost not today are as follows: Apparently,it is possible for Cape Verdeans to shut off the Internet on an entire Island because that is what happened on Monday. Don't ask why or how because I don't know but it was a bummer nevertheless. Tuesday, we did District Leader divisions so we couldn't use Internet. Today, we went to the library and the power went out and so we waited for a little while and eventually power returned. What a blessing. But I am good and well.
Donkey with a Zebra shirt on (Protects them from Mosquitos)
Well, I have a lot to talk about so let's get started. This last week we had a baptism! Her name is Stacy and she is 16 years old. I think her baptism was a true witness of the power of member missionary work. We found her through Patrick, a recent convert of 8-9ish months, and then we started teaching her. We then started bringing Patrick, Joãozinho, and Fidel (another teen member) to the lessons and through them, she came to church. She received a testimony pretty quickly of the gospel but it took the help of some friends to get her to come to church. Now she is doing the same for someone else who will hopefully be baptized in the weeks to come. I am really happy for her and it was great to see her family support her in the decision.
Baptism of Stacy (Fidel baptized her, her mom Tá and brother Lineson
So, last week was Zone Conference and it was so good. We had a lot of training on many different things but I think that the overall lesson of the day was that God has a way for every person and every area to come unto Him. We just need to pray, fast, and work to discover what is His will. I think that it is the same for our lives. He knows all of us personally and He knows what we need to go through in our lives. Our lives are hard at some times but trials are there to help us grow and to come unto Him. I am realizing that here more than ever. Oh, and about the whole scripture game thing. My comp lied to me to scare me into memorizing all the scriptures... I am mad at him about that but grateful at the same time because I was ready for any scripture that President or the APs asked me to say. Now I just need to remember them for next zone conference.
Missionaries from my MTC District (Elder Ernst, Sister Bradford and Sister Webb)
Well, I hope that everyone is doing good. I got a lot of emails this week which was awesome! I will do my best in answering all of them today. Oh, and to answer the question about General Conference, we will watch it (in Portuguese) this week in the Church. Someone will download it onto a flashdrive and we will watch it on the TV we have. Maybe we will use the projector. Either way I am sad that I have had to wait another week but I am excited for this weekend!
Love you all! Tchao!
Elder Brent Dorff :)
Found your birthday scrawled on a wall in Feijoal

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