Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter dated 29 Oct 2013--Transferred to PRAIA!

Oi Familia e Amigos!

Well, you may be thinking that I didn't email yesterday because the power went out. Well, you are wrong! In fact, you are so wrong because the biggest change of my mission happened yesterday. Sunday night was Transfer Assignments Night and President called us and told Elder Paredes that he was staying in Mosteiros and that I was going to PRAIA! Not only this but I would be working in a nearly new area of the mission! The area is called Achade Grande Frente. And not only that but I am also training a new Elder and my new companion is from Mozembique! His name is Elder Conduanhe. He is 26 years old (makes me feel really young and old at the same time) and he is great. He doesn't speak any English so this transfer will be Portuguese 24-7. Because I am training him, I will be doing most of the teaching for a little bit of time until he learns how to teach.  He doesn't understand Creole either so I will have to decipher what it is exactly these people are saying. It is going to be a fun transfer. I really am looking forward to the work here. Just yesterday, we found some really cool people to teach.
I arrived here yesterday afternoon (Praia is the capitol of Cabo Verde on the island of Santiago) by plane and then was shipped off to my new area. Praia is soooooooo different than Mosteiros and Fogo, in general. You never have to wait for a taxi because they are everywhere and they have supermarkets, not as big as Walmart but kind of like it. I am trying to decide if I am going to like the city life or miss the more country life of Mosteiros. Either way it will be an adventure. I am really sad though, because since I have gone to Fogo, my chances of returning are limited. The good news is that one of our recent converts, Katia, is here in Praia for school so I am looking forward to finding where she lives and trying to say hi one more time. I think that she is my branch here. We work with the Praia 4 Branch and the branch is preparing to be a ward by the end of the year. I am really excited. I wish I had pictures of Praia to show you guys but I don't yet. And also I forgot my cord for the computer at the house... and my camera itself... Next week photos for sure.

Well, the adventure continues. It was kind of hard to leave Elder Paredes and Mosteiros though. I am going to miss both. I hope that everyone has a great Halloween this week (I decided that I was going to be a missionary for Halloween. I got my costume picked out and everything) and hopefully school is going good too! Love you all!
Sporting the Halloween costume!

Elder Brent Dorff :)

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