Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter dated 14 Oct. 2013---God's love and the promised goat

O minha família e amigos!

Well, this past week has been a pretty normal week with a great ending. We finally watched conference this last weekend. It was really good, although it was a great challenge to understand it in Portuguese. Thank goodness the language of the Spirit is the same for all people. Eventually, I could figure out what the translator was saying. I plan on copying General Conference in English and Portuguese today onto my flashdrive so that I can listen to it whenever I want to.
So this last week was BYU's Homecoming. I was thinking about that this past week, how long it has already been since I was there. It has been like almost 6 whole months since I was there and I am coming up on my 5 month mark of being on a mission tomorrow. I feel like an old and new missionary at the same exact time. 
Sounds like everyone is doing good. I am happy to hear that. And I can't believe all the weddings that look like might happen as I am out here. 
This cow in Feijoa wouldn't stop mooing until I took her picture
Like I said in my last email, last week we did a division and Elder Paredes and Elder Andrade (from the other área in our district) swapped. Elder Andrade (he is a Cape Verdean waiting for his visa to Brazil) and I went up to Feijoal (our city in the mountains) and tried finding some less actives that we had heard about. We went to this one house where I knew a less active lived, and I asked this guy at the house how he was doing. Well, he went crazy and just started yelling that he was Catholic and never was going to change. I think he did that for a good 10 minutes and then I was just like, "I am sorry sir, but we heard that a member of our Church lived here." He comfirmed that a member did live there and it was his son. He then took us into his house to this random room. He slammed open the door and swung the windows open and there on a bed was his son. He then started yelling about how his son was sick and other things. While he was talking, I was looking around and I saw 2 Book of Mormons and a hymn book. I then started talking to his son about the Book of Mormon and the importance of prayer. Eventually the father sat up his son, and we discovered that he is mentally disabled or "sick" and so his Dad helps him a lot. We talked to both the son and his dad about the power of prayer. The Spirit was so strong and I just felt the love of God for this mentally disabled son. I love these people. I can't love them more than God but I just have so much love for these people.
Oh, and one story just for laughs. I still don't have a very soild handle on Creole and proof of that came when we were in Feijoal; I accidently promised someone that we were going to buy him a goat. I don't know when I did that but I must have said yes to something I didn't mean to. The next time we went up to Feijoal, that man when crazy on us because we didn't bring him a goat. Elder Paredes just looked at me and was like, "You promised him a goat?" The whole situation was funny. Ah, language barriers.
Oh, and one more story. We went out to go pick up a couple of investigators for conference and we were walking up to this plaza and there were all these people just hanging out with pieces of papers and people were yelling out numbers. We were super confused and then we found someone that we knew and asked what was going on. He said that it was a bingo game and the winner gets some couches. There were literally 300 people playing bingo. It was crazy. I think that is the biggest bingo game that I have ever seen. Next week they are going to do it again but for a table.
The longest staircase in the world (From Vila da Igreja up the mountian to Feijoal)
Well, I love you all and you are all in my prayers. Thanks for your love and your prayers! Tell Elder Klein that I can't wait to hear some of that Russian when he returns!

Elder Brent Dorff

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