Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter dated 3 February 2014--Conferences and Breakfast for Lunch

Olá família e amigos!

So how is everyone doing out there? According to the emails I received, it looks like everyone is enjoying life and everything involved in it (school, work, play, family, etc.) That's great! I am doing good too. Another week has gone by like a blink of an eye and the fact of the matter is that I am beginning to feel "oldish" in the mission. It's a good feeling to have to know that I kind of know what is going on and what I need to do in certain situations.
P-Day Soccer
Elders Jensen & Ernst
Well, like I said this past week was good though really there wasn't much that happened this week. Just the normal... trying to find people to teach, teaching people, getting yelled at by drunk people, and seeing miracles in people's lives.
Something that was really cool about this last week is how we had Stake Conference here. It was a transmission from Salt Lake for Spain, Portugal, and Cape Verde. A couple men from the Quorum of the Seventy, a sister, and Elder M. Russell Ballard talked to us and they all had the same theme of Missionary Work. In Elder Ballard's talk, he related the history of the creation of the mission in Spain and Portugal, and how eventually they split and then Cape Verde was opened as part of Portugal and then how in 2002 it was split to be it's own mission. It made me realize how young my mission is and how much work there is to do. We have 2 stakes (almost 3. I received word today that Fogo is getting a stake!!), 1 district, and like 35ish branches and wards. We are so young but the work is growing. 
The women are usually carrying something on their heads
Oh hey Mom, I wanted to tell you that I found a new investigator and his mom's name is Lorinda. When I asked her name and she said that, I got super excited (probably a little too excited) but I mean what do you expect?
 I've decided that I need to take more photos. I haven't been very good about that these last few transfers. I do have some soccer pictures and more beach (those are kind of easy to find) pictures.
The Harbor
Well, I love you all. Tomorrow is Zone Conference which means trainings, scripture game, and a super good lunch with all the missionaries of Santiago! 

Elder Dorff

P.S. Elder Jarvis and I got sick of rice and so we made pancakes, hash browns, eggs with cheese and ham, and chocolate or strawberry sauce. It was awesome and Thursday has become Breakfast for Lunch day.

Our awesome Breakfast for Lunch!

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