Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter dated 10 February 2014---Baptism and Blessings

Olá minha família e meus amigos,

This week we saw a bunch of blessings and miracles and because of that, I don't even care about the random bad luck which also happened. 
First of all, Branch Achada Grande was turned into Ward Achada Grande! For members of the Church, you know that means many more blessings and responsiblities for this area. It is so exciting! I really am feeling super happy for the members here and how the work is going to grow. Also, it just happened to be announced that we were going to become a ward, the same day as we received word that a chapel would be opened up just for our ward, next week! Which means we go from 3 in the afternoon church to 9 in the morning. Such a better situation for this area! Oh, the blessings. It is going to be so good and I am excited for the work of the rest of this transfer. Wow, the transfer is already halfway over... That blows my mind!
Another great blessing was that we had another baptism! His name is Djo (like Jo but it is Creole). He is 22 years old and his story is proof of the importance of helping members come to church, specifically those who haven't been in a long while. We met this one kid who is one of those types of members and we asked him for a reference of someone we could talk to, and he gave us Djo's name. Through Djo, we were able to reactivate Adilson (the kid), Helder Patric (another inactive), and then baptize Djo. It was super cool. Something that really helped Djo prepare for his baptism is reading in o Livro de Mórmon (the Book of Mormon). It is really interesting how that works but it is true, if someone wants to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias is true, they just have to read that book and ask God if it is true. It was and is still a great part of my conversion and I would be pretty lost without the guidance of the that book and the Bible too. Scriptures aren't just books written by old guys but are literally compasses for our lives. 
So, we have this marriage (they should literally be married this or next week. Pray for this week.) and the husband got Elder Conduanhe and I matching T-shirts for a Cape Verdean soccer team. So today during soccer we wore them and we looked awesome though I can't say that my shirt helped me play better soccer. In reality, I think I played worse, but we looked cool!
To be honest, I absolutely forgot about the Olympics. I really doubt that Cape Verde has a team for the Winter Olympics, seeing that they only had 4 go to the last summer one. It's super weird to think that during the last Olympics, I was watching men's fencing with Mom and Dad, with Italy and France going at it, in the middle of the Italian Alps. Strange that was already almost 2 years ago. Somebody watch the curling for me. It is such a weird and not exciting sport but if I were to be in the Winter Olympics, I would probably choose to do that. 
Dad, I am just jealous that you could actually go swimming in the ocean. I've been by a beach for 7.5 months and don't think that the thought or desire to jump in hasn't crossed my mind. I resist, of course. But the boogie boarders in Mosteiros invited me to go with them once on a day when I forgot to wear the tag...
It's great to hear how all the missionaries are doing. Before Casey Powell went home, we were talking pretty regularly. Hey, Casey your going to have to send the first email so I have your address. I am happy to hear how Elder Bowen is doing. I keep asking Sister Montgomery (friend from BYU) if she has seen him yet.

 Well, I love you all! Have a Happy Valentines day all you love birds and family of mine. I hope to spend it at a Cape Verdean Wedding :)

Elder Dorff

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