Friday, May 31, 2013

Letter dated May 31, 2013---Fiddy Fouh Bee, portuguese, food & gym time at the MTC

Ola Familia e Amigos!
How is everybody doing? I am quite good. It was great to hear from so many of you this week. Thanks Lauren B. for you letter. I'm glad to hear that your actually beginning to do your education in the right order. :P Cami thanks for you letter too! I bet things are getting pretty stressful with the kiddo coming along soon. By the way, whats the current update on his name? Grandpa Luymes welcome to the good side of technology. Mom happy to hear from you and thanks for the update. Also I told Elder Welch about the story of you talking to your Elders and he was really happy to hear about his friend. Also you'll have to tell Brother Moh to tell Dylan congrats! It sounds like Andrew's farewell was really good. I wish I could have been there to hear him and Adrienne speak but I guess I will have to suffice welcoming him into the MTC.
So this past week has been quite intense for many reasons. One the language is getting easier (in the perspective of pronoucation) but harder because we have to be able to know more vocabulary. Such is life I guess. We now are teaching 2 investigators, both who are actually our teachers Irmã Ricks and Irmão Pinho. It's an interesting experience trying to teach someone else about your beliefs in a language they know perfectly yet you don't know much of. But I am slowly getting better. Elder Welch and I are still working together quite well as it comes to lesson planning and delivery. Oh and our district came up with a name. It is "Fiddy Fouh Bee" also know as 54B. We got a couple of goofy Elders in our district but it has been pretty awesome.
Elder Welch and I pointing to Cabo Verde
 Okay so some details about the room and board. So all the Elders in our district share a room, so there are 5 other Elders that live with me. We each have a bed, but we only have 4 closets, like 10 drawers and 2 desks with 4 chairs. So basically we are sharing a room made for 4 people. It has been interesting sometimes but hasn't been too bad. We have 12 showers to share amongst all of the people of our floor which is like over 80 people I think... I don't know exactly but point being there are a lot of people. Basically you have to wake up at 6:30 and sprint to the showers before the crowd that rolls in at like 6:35. Food has been good. They have a lot of choices from burgers to nice chicken platters. Somethings are better than others. Apparently the soups are really good although I haven't tried any of it yet. The chocolate chip cookies are to die for and they have creamery ice cream every Sunday and Wednesday. They have BYU Chocoate Milk and Cookies N Cream milk available to (which makes me very happy). But we have learned that you stay away from the meatballs and the orange juice because you will be sick for the rest of the afternoon. Not very fun. Lucky that didn't happen to me.
All of District 54B's Elders with our Zone Leaders outside Provo Temple
 Let's see what else is there... gym time is quite nice here. We as a district like to do things together which is a lot of fun. We play volleyball (indoor and beach), knockout (basketball), 4 square (which is awesome), kickball and frisbee. It's been a lot of fun and I've probably played more sports here in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 years.
Life is awesome here at the MTC. It's funny because there are a lot of people who are going to Brazil but are here because they couldn't get their v***s ("visa" is a bad word here :P) and so they are here for their 6 weeks and then are reassigned temporarily to a stateside mission. Our zone leader got reassigned to Tennessee and some one else I know is going to Iowa. I'm sure that they're are excited but I'm sure they wish they were going directly to Brazil. I still haven't gotten my visa yet but we are bound to have it by the week before we are supposed to leave. I'm not too worried. Also since being here I have seen many friends for BYU and it has been great to catch up with them.
Me and my Zone Leaders, Elder Childs and Elder Smith outside Provo Temple
 Oh I forgot something. So Sundays in the MTC are a little strange because they aren't like normal days. We have study time literally all day except for Priesthood meeting and Sacrament. Scrament Meeting is said in 85% Portuguese. All the hymns, prayers, talks, and most of the announcements are in Portuguese. It has been really interesting. Every week everyone has to prepare at 2 1/2 minute talk in Portuguese about a given topic. Then in the meeting, we are picked at random. So far I haven't been pick but neither has anyone who reported on May 15th so it is just a matter of time.
So if you have nothing to do with your lives or you just want to watch a really inspiring video, go to, and in the search bar search "Cape Verde" and click Enter. Then on the side of the window there is an option for narrowing the search to just videos. Find the video called "Land of Light" and watch it. It's super cool and it will give you a perspective of what I will be experiencing.
Today, being P-day, we were able to go about doing our laundry and write our letters and emails home. Tonight we have TRC and that will be a lot of fun. For TRC we get to talk to members of the Church and practice our Portuguese communication skills. Tonight we will be practicing our "Getting to know somebody" skills and others. Should be fun.
All of us Elders in the MTC Choir
 Well I better go. By the way, it would be really great to hear from all you people at home, from BYU, or from Indonesia (I don't know anyone from there but you get the point; write me because I want to hear how your doing!). I promise that I will write back a quickly as possible!
Love you all and I will talk to you all soon!
Tchau Tchau,
Elder Dorff

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