Sunday, October 5, 2014

29 September 2014---Out of the mission office!

Oi meus amigos e minha família!

Well, today is the first time I am using an Internet cáfe to write my weekly email. You know what that means! I am out of the Mission Office. But the change doesn't end there. I have been transfered! Here I was enjoying Palmarejo and they decide to transfer me! No complaints though because I am going to interior Santiago to serve in Calheta! Not only that, but, I will be finishing the training of Elder Conway from Gilbert, Arizona (my first American, non-Utah companion)! Also, I will be the District Leader (which if you remember means that I am in charge of communicating information and following up on the progress of another companionship.) It should be awesome. It will be a different experience than what I have had these last 4 transfers but I am looking forward to it. I head out there in an hour or so. An hour and an half hiace ride here I come! 
So, last minute things about the work in Palmarejo. Elder Godfrey will be recieving his new companion as he makes his way to Praia, and they are blessed to enjoy Monica and Zelito's wedding. They are preparing and are staying very excited and have much desire. I told him that he had to send me photos. Also, they will be working with 5 other couples/families with a lot of potential. This last week we focused a lot on trying to help someone prepare for baptism but in the end, she asked for more time to prepare. Our plan is to help her prepare for the 11th but I guess we shall see how that all works out. We hope that someone in the Sunday morning session will talk about tithing, seeing as that is her biggest challenge.
This week was a good week, ending with an awesome day at Church. I liked especially Gospel Principles because they talked about the how families can be together forever. We had 2 of those 5 families there at Church and I just thought of how great of a message that was for them to hear. In reality, it is one of the greatest blessings that we can have in this life. It is because families are eternal that we can know that we are really never alone. We can find force in the present with our families, the past with our ancestors, or in the future with potential families. It is a big focus in the mission and really in the gospel. Also, at Church we hit 100 people at Church (for just our ward) which is the new high since the ward divided. There is a lot of good work going on there and I am happy for everything that I learned.
Last look at Praia before I head north
Well with that, one chapter closes and another one opens. I am on my 12th transfer, which means that the Sisters that came here with me will be returning home at the end of the 6 weeks. It's super crazy to think that has already come. And here we are entering October. Oh, time passes so quickly. By the way, Evaly, Elder Luymes, and Christy HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was thinking a lot about you on your birthdays (except for you Christy because, it has yet to happen). Next week is General Conference and I am very excited. I love Conference even when it is easier to think about other things when you listen to it in Portuguese. Love you all. Dad safe travels, and everyone enjoy your week!

Elder Brent Dorff

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