Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Letter dated 9 June 2014--A cool baptism & a little bit of Africa

Olá família e amigos!

I am happy to hear how everyone is doing this week. It sounds like it was a nice end to some vacations and that people are getting back into the day-to-day normal life work or mission work. Also apparently Reina got married? When was the wedding originally planned because I remember hearing that she was getting married and then the next thing I know, she was already married. Either way, Congrats Reina!
 This week was great! We were truly blessed this week as we started it without a baptism and then ended it with someone being baptized. So the story goes like this. Saturday (the 31st), we tell the District Leaders that we are going to contact a reference that they gave us and look for a baptism. Sunday morning, we called and invited him to Church. His name is Ivandro and he accepts and finds us without any problem and we go to Church. He explained to us how he had already been taught by the Sisters (thank you Sisters!) but that he had had appendicitis and wasn't baptized. Monday, Family Night. Tuesday, we had a lesson with him and scheduled him to be baptized the 14th. We told him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Wednesday, He prayed and relayed to us a very special confirmation and we were impressed to move his date to the 7th. After learning that he shouldn't have earrings or a lip piercing, he swiftly removed them and threw them out of the house. It was pretty cool. Thursday, interview preparation day. Friday, interview. Saturday, baptism. Sunday, confirmation. 1 week. I feel like it is for these situations that we talk to everyone because you never know who has been prepared by the Lord to be baptized. Ivandro is very nice and he has a lot of friends in our area and other neighboring areas, whom he wants us to talk to. I'm excited :)
Something else that is kind of fun is that 2 recent converts from Achada Grande Frente (Paula and Paulina) are living in Bela Vista. We were walking and all of the sudden there were these 2 girls running up to me all excited. It was fun to catch up with them a little bit. 
Landlords are tough... mostly because they sign contracts then bring up problems with the contract. It just takes a lot of time to worry about everything. Looks like I am gaining lots of experience with rental contracts. We have a landlord coming in tomorrow to the office to fight with (notice I didn't say "talk to") President Oliveira, Ivandro and I. It should be fun.
Also this week I participated in some very African activities in terms of service, like carrying fetched water to people's houses, filling up water tanks inside the house with that fetched water, and also carrying the things that a member sells... on my head! It is easier, and more comfortable, then it looks. It was fun. 
It was a good week. Sorry, I don't feel like I have too much more to write this week, but I promise that I will take more pictures and have more to write this next week. Love you a ton!

Your Elder Brent Dorff :)


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