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Letter dated 26 May 2014---Eel and Every member...

Oi minha família e meus amigos!

How is everything going? Sounds like those on the European front are having fun. I love how your travel plans include going to the town of Dorff in Germany. Hopefully, it has a sign of the town's name.
Before I talk about how this week was I need to give out a shout out to my loving sister Cami because it is her BIRTHDAY today! Happy Birthday! Love you lots. Also, this week, happy birthday to my friend there in Ohio, Maggie!
This week was a very interesting and fun week. First of all, it was transfers today and I am staying here in the office with Elder Godfrey. Wasn't too much of a shocker, but their were a couple rumors that I was going to be transferred to the uninhabited island of Santa Luzia. Office work was pretty normal and I am feeling pretty comfortable about how to handle housing problems. I guess that will be an experience that will have been handy to have.
So, this week had a sad part of the week due to a natural "part-of-the-mission-life" experience. An Elder finished his mission. His name is Elder Christensen and the funny thing is that, Cami, he lives in your ward. He is probably the biggest baseball fan I know, the one that always ate my cereal on divisions, and probably the thing that I will most likely remember him by is that he went on division with Elder Ernst and I our very first night here in Cape Verde. Oh, what a memorable experience that was; how I couldn't speak or teach or do anything really. It was very hard to believe that he has gone home and he will be missed but just think how fast that time past. I can't imagine the point when I go home. I'm not going to think about it because let's be honest, the mission is awesome. It is just going to be a little bit harder because every "dying" missionary comes through our house the day before he goes home. And within the next few months, a lot of missionaries "die". It will be interesting.
Elder Christensen before his departure for home

So, on the topic of interesting... African food,,, that once picky young version of Elder Dorff would never eat, this week Elder Godfrey and I made eel. We floured it and then fried it. It was good but so many bones. We were talking to a member afterwards and he told us that we got the wrong type of eel, so he is going to fish up a different type to have us cook. Looks like we could be eating it again this week.
Dinner before we cooked it--comment from Mom,,,,,ewwwww! Why does everything he eats look like it
 could eat him first???

Well, my streak ended. After 1 year of not having to do it, I finally gave my first talk in Portuguese. Our ward (and the whole country in general) is really trying to get the members to be more active in missionary work. I was tricked (as in I thought I was going to give like a 5 minute training during a fireside) into being the last speaker of Sacrament Meeting. In the end, it ended up being a 15 minute talk on how EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY! In reality, it is so true. I talked about 3 ways that we can be member missionaries, including our words (studying the scriptures and praying for our own personal understanding and going out with the missionaries and sharing our testimonies), our actions (more of inviting people to come to church, seminary/institute, and activities) and through our examples (we are living examples of what the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ does for someone. If we live the things we profess to be true, others will feel the Spirit's influence). In the end, I thanked everyone in the room for their support and the help that they give the missionaries, but I also called everyone to the work through Doctrine and Covenants 108:6-8 (my mission plaque picture if you remember :) ). I call you all to the work too. Help the local missionaries because they can't do this work of salvation without you.

Family Night at Ailton, Lazaro, and Chinda's House
Well, I love you all. Have many adventures this week as I know I will! 

Elder Brent Dorff


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